A beautiful unqiue addition to your home. The crescent moon features dried flowers in all shades of pink.
The moon is availabe is approximately 18-20cm in height. 
We recommend hanging your crescent with a clear 3M hook or from a piece of ribbon.
If this is a gift feel free to select a card from our beautiful card range.

Crescent Moon

  • Keep them out of direct sunlight to minimise colour fade, just like most things they will slowly fade with continual sun exposure. We believe this adds to their charm.
    Dried flowers can last for years to come if they are provided with the right care.
    Keep them away from moist areas in your home, too much moisture can cause mould growth.
    Keep your creation indoors and away from any strong breezes. 
    If they get dusty try a hairdryer on a low cool setting
    Some shedding is to be expected especially with grasses and seed pods. The occasional spray with hairspray will help the seeds to hold